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    • Yahoo
    • Mail Online
    • BuzzFeed
    • CBS News
    • Morning Brew
    • TimeOut
    • NewsWeek
    • Fox News
    • CNN
    • Axios
    • MSN
    • AOL

    Find hundreds of relevant journalists in seconds.

    Search for any topic using our Google News powered search engine.

    Search for trending news topics. Instantly see hundreds of relevant articles and associated journalists.

    Simple, powerful tools for your next digital PR campaign

    Everything you need to start pitching the best fit journalists for your business.

    Bulk Upload URLs

    Instantly match journalists to a list of article URLs.

    Paste a list of URLs from your favorite SEO tool and instantly find each author's contact details.

    Advanced Search Operators

    Narrow down billions of articles to find the most relevant ones for you.

    Harness the full power of Google Search with advanced search operators such as 'allintitle:', 'site:', 'AND', 'OR', and many more.

    One-Click Human Support

    Get any article or journalist details updated with one click.

    On the odd occasion our systems aren't able to find the author of an article, simply click the 'request update' button to instantly get a human review.

    Never run out of digital PR campaign ideas again

    Our campaign finder database contains hundreds of low or no budget digital PR campaign ideas that you can put your own spin on.

    Filter based on niche, budget, amount of coverage, and over 15 other data points.

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      Join hundreds of marketers and business owners waiting for the launch of JournoFinder and get an exclusive launch discount.

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      Why choose us?

      JournoFinder is designed for the modern day Digital PR link builder.

      Everything you need to secure links on the world's biggest publications, without all the expensive enterprise add-ons.

      Find Authors For Any Article
      We have millions of authors in our database. But unlike our competitors, we will attempt to find and verify the contact details for any author, in real-time.
      Access The World's Largest Content Index
      We don't crawl the web. Instead, we directly link in to Google's content index whenever you make a search. This means that we have access to more articles than any other PR media database.
      Fresh & Accurate Data
      We utilize a combination of the latest generative AI technologies and human oversight to understand if a journalist has moved jobs. This means that we can simultaneously have the most up to date media database and provide the best value for money.
      Works In Most Popular Languages & Geos
      Because JournoFinder isn't limited by predefined lists of articles or journalists, we can effectively find journalists and their contact details in most popular languages and countries.

      Loved by customers worldwide

      Don't take our word for it. Our customers have secured links and coverage on hundreds of the world's biggest publications.

        • JournoFinder has helped me land several press links in the toughest niches. A real delight to use compared to other clunky media databases.

          James Oliver
          CEO at
        • I've managed to land dozens of DR80+ news links to my niche website with the tool. This is my first foray into digital PR and finding the right journalists has been a breeze.

          Joe (Niche Campus)
          Founder at
        • I know it's not normal to put a testimonial for your own site, but hey, JournoFinder is brand new and has genuinely been a complete replacement for PR databases that used to cost my team over $10k a year. The bulk upload feature alone is worth it's weight in gold.

          Sacha Fournier
          Founder of JournoFinder &

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      Frequently asked questions

      If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team at or use our live chat widget.

        • Can I search for journalists by name?

          No, currently we do not offer this functionality. The search function is only for articles (think of it like a Google search). Journalists and their contact details are then shown for each article.

        • How accurate is your journalist contact data?

          We use the latest AI technologies to understand when a journalist has changed jobs. This allows us to be the most up-to-date of any media database, while focusing humans on verifying that the automated checks are indeed correct.

        • What is the bulk upload feature?

          The bulk upload feature is a way to obtain the authors or journalist contact details for any given set of articles. Unlike tools such as Hunter, we focus on matching the URL to it's exact author, not a random person in the company's sales or finance department.

        • Are there any limits?

          We only limit the amount of searches you can make and the amount of URLs you can bulk upload each month. Exporting journalists is technically unlimited, but practically limited by the amount of searches you can make.

        • How do I contact journalists?

          JournoFinder provides contact details for journalists, including their email addresses and social media profiles. We do not currently provide a built in email outreach solution. You are able to export media lists with one click and upload them to your favorite email outreach software.

        • Do you have an affiliate program?

          Not yet. If you are considering becoming an affiliate, please email us at detailing your credentials and how you plan to promote JournoFinder.